Sowing the Seeds for a fruitful future

Over the years Nuziveedu Seeds has built its business on trust and displaying a strong sense of responsibility besides having strong brands and products. Nuziveedu Seeds has developed both forward and backward linkages in order to constantly innovate and produce industry relevant products.

Whether it’s new breeding information, new product development processes for seed production or more efficient distribution ideas, Nuziveedu Seeds has collaborated with National and International Crop Research like ICAR, SAUs, ICRISAT, AVRDC, CYMMYT, and IRRI.

Through its network of professional partners and teams, Nuziveedu Seeds receives constant feedback from the farmers at every stage of cultivation. At the same time farmers are introduced to the latest trends and best practices. The Nuziveedu Seeds marketing team works in tandem with the distribution network and buyers to ensure that its seed products are available to the farmers at convenient place and time.

Collaboration with International Institutes

‣ AVRDC, Taiwan

‣ IRRI, Philippines

‣ ICGEB, New Delhi

‣ ICRISAT, Hyderabad

‣ ECITA, Vietnam

Collaboration with National Institutes


‣ IIT Kharagpur

‣ NBRI, Lucknow