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Farmers Programs​

Nuziveedu Seeds believes in empowering the decision making of the farmers for buying quality agri-inputs including seed through its Farmer Programs. Therefore, we organize various farmer centric programs for the quick dissemination and adoption of improved technologies developed by the Company.

We design our programs after careful assessment of farmers’ preference for new crops, new products, new practices and new technologies which promise them better returns. Our R & D department endeavors to bring the best seed product after several years of rigorous product evaluation and elimination. Our agronomists work on complimentary agronomic practices and measures which further boost the new product developed by R & D to maximize its yield potential. We first develop the complete package for a new product that aims for maximum return to the farmers. After this, we disseminate the complete package through various programs which involve farmer interface.

Our marketing team educates the farmers about the benefits of new technologies before the onset of season. They conduct farmers’ meetings (FM) in the villages for spreading the benefits of adopting the new technologies by them. The marketing team also conducts the Dealer and Distributors Meetings for creating awareness as they are considered conduit for passage of new technologies. During cropping season, our marketing team ensures that the farmers follow the complimentary practices to get the maximum yield from our seed products. At the time of crop maturity, the team organizes several crops shows to reinforce the benefits of adopting the new technologies to the existing users and to motivate the non-users to adopt it in next cropping season. After the cropping seasons, the farmers share their success stories of adopting the new technologies before a group of farmers through meetings organized by company officials or through word of mouth publicity.

Subeej Krishi Vignan

Nuziveedu Seeds thrust upon quick adoption of new technologies to large number of farmers through its own project titled “Subeej Krishi Vignan” (SKV). The SKV is the carrier of farmers programs through which the marketing and extension team reach out to farmers and educate them on latest developments in crop production technologies and agronomy, pest/diseases management , weed management and also post harvest management and market dynamics. These services are offered to the farmers free of cost and are important component of Corporate Social Responsibility to enrich the farming communities in which we work.

Extension and Subsidy Programs

Nuziveedu Seeds pro-actively participates in the Seed Subsidy Programs initiated by the State and Central Governments. Such initiatives driven by the company has helped millions of farmers to get high quality seeds at a lower price.

Some examples of enhanced Work with Farmers by the participation through Public Private Partnership-

Nuziveedu Seeds has signed an MOU with Uttar Pradesh government under Private Public Partnership (PPP mode) for carrying out extension work in the state. Under this project Company is doing extension work in 25 districts in paddy and maize crops. The extension work involves, inter alia, Crop Demonstration, Farmers’ Trainings and Field Visits with the help of ATMA project coordinators. For kharif season 2011-12, the project has met the desired result successfully and the UP government has appreciated this partnership.

Similar proposals have been submitted for PPP in states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh across different crops.

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