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The Quality Policy Nuziveedu Seeds ensures meeting world class quality standards so that the farmers get optimal yields that maximize their profitability.

Quality Control & Quality assurance is implemented in the fields during the production period and at the processing plant after the produce reaches the designated plants. in the field, the quality assurance team inspects the seed crops independently at the critical stages of hybridization operations as a check in parallel to normal inspections carried out by the production teams. Besides, keeping total quality management in view, Seeds are passed through two major quality assessment tests which include STL and Grow Out Test (GOT). After the seed lot reaches the plant, samples are drawn and sent to STL and GOT Centres.

Quality Assurance

Seed Testing Laboratory (STL): At the STL, parameters like physical appearance, moisture, physical purity, other distinguishable varieties presence, germination and vigour tests are verified and reported.Nuziveedu Seeds has four seed testing labs, the major hub being located at Kompally two labs, followed by one each at Kothur (AP) and Auranagabad (Maharashtra). Annually around 3, 00,000 of samples are tested for germination, physical purity, and vigour *.

Grow Out Test (“GOT”)

The Grow out Test (GOT) confirms the genetic purity of a sample. About 50,000 lots of samples are tested in more than 500 acres of Nuziveedu Seeds GOT farms, located at SR Puram, Renjal, Attur, Bangalore, Sonepet, Ranibennur, Kallakal, Nuziveedu &Guntur. The tests are carried out under the supervision of well-qualified production staff. The seed, which passes all the prescribed tests is considered fit for marketing and is then sent for further processing & packing. * *.

The GM (Genetically Modified) Crops undergo the ELISA Test to ensure Gene Purity


* Internal source-supply chain department
* * Internal source-supply chain department