Research & Innovation

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Research & Innovation

Development (R&D) and Innovation are key factors in the seed industry, which have enabled outstanding achievements with impressive productivity gains in the last century. The resultant prosperity has ensured an abundant and safe food supply to suffice the needs of an ever growing global population. Remarkable successes which energized and empowered the green revolution relied to a great extent on public funds supporting research in public institutions. Today, however, R&D plays a crucial role in the growth of private companies and consequently they are making sizeable investments in R & D. There has been a paradigm shift in crop variety R&D over the past 30 years, which has evolved from being predominantly public to predominantly private.

Leading agriculture to the next green revolution, several private sector seed companies have witnessed spectacular progress from small operations to large integrated enterprises with advanced capabilities of variety development and seed production, conditioning, and marketing. Towing a similar line, Nuziveedu Seeds has been consistently focusing on R&D and innovation, meeting the excating needs of the farmers and the agriculture industry and making significant contributions to seed R&D in India.

A New Focus

Nuziveedu Seeds has made giant strides in the new millennium with a distinctive and well defined focus on introducing new hybrids not only in cotton, but also in corn, rice and vegetables that benefit – farmers significantly through higher yields and superior quality produce. To achieve the above objective, Nuziveedu Seeds places a strong emphasis on research in its plant breeding programmes. Highly qualified and competent plant breeders work rigorously utilizing new germplasm and modern technologies to develop hybrids in different crops which possess higher resistance to pests, diseases and enhanced quality and offer extensive adaptability.

Nuziveedu Seeds has an advanced R&D unit located at Kompally, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, with fully irrigated research farms of over 670 acres covering all agro-climatic zones of the country. The impressive R& D infrastructure includes well equipped green house facilities, and a state-of-the-art bio-technology laboratory and germplasm banks. New product evaluation trials involving approximately 70-80 products in 160-170 locations are conducted every year, to select the most suitable product for every specified agro-climate zone in the country. Due to its extensive R&D and seed quality testing capabilities, Nuziveedu Seeds is recognized as an ICAR testing centre for cotton, maize, pearl Millet, sunflower and rice


‣ DSIR award winner for its in-house research and development

‣ Owner of highest number of germplasm in India.

‣ Collaboration with various prestigious institutes like IRRI, AVRDC, ICGEB, ICRISAT, IARI, DBT etc for research and development.

‣ Two breakthrough agronomic innovations (High density cotton planting and Optimized paddy seed rate cultivation) for high yield at limited resources.