Social Impact

Social Impact​

Nuziveedu Seeds Limited (NSL) as a part of its core philosophy believes in maximizing social and economic impact of its activities and minimizing negative effects on environment. The R&D and breeding systems at NSL have been designed with the ethos and spirit of farmer centricity while devising programs for development of improved plant varieties which can significantly enhance the productivity and profitability of farmers. At NSL we believe in promotion of vernacular and regional languages and culture as a stated policy and promote official communication in local languages in addition to English and Hindi to promote cultural diversity and develop a strong connect with farmers as a measure of sustainable social impact.

The conceptualization and design of NSL’s extension activities is termed as “Subeej Krishi Vignan” (SKV) literally meaning “Knowledge driven agriculture sprouting from good seeds”, The extension programs of NSL are based on the classic concept of “seeing is believing” and involve method and result demonstrations to showcase the new improved plant varieties, agronomic methods, plant protection measures and new improved technologies and practices in agriculture. The SKV activities are conducted in a focused manner involving women farmers, tribal farmers, small and marginal farmers and the content for communication for adoption of new practices and technologies is customized for smallholder agriculture to deliver desired social and environmental impact in addition to economic impact.

Nearly 8 million farmers purchase NSL’s products every year. The sales and marketing activities of NSL are also tailored to address the needs of several of the resource-poor farmers. NSL’s staff reach the needy and resource poor farmers and provide them with not only knowledge of good agronomic practices, but also seed samples of improved plant varieties.

NSL also engages in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as per the norms of Company Act, 2013. NSL actively works in the areas of rural development, healthcare, education, etc. The key activities which have generated significant social impact are as follows.

  1. Provision of clean drinking water to villages near NSL’s production areas and processing plants in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have resulted in improved access to drinking water and health of rural communities.
  2. Dissemination of improved agricultural practices and concepts to smallholder farmers to enable them to improve their productivity and profitability. NSL has developed educational content on good agronomic practices in Tomato, Rice, Cotton, Maize, Chillies, etc. and also on pest management measures on Pink bollworm management, Fall army worm management, Direct Sown Rice, High Ginning Out Turn Cotton, etc.
  3. NSL has provided bicycles to girl students to improve their productivity to improve overall social impact to promote gender inclusion in school activities.
  4. Strengthening education infrastructure by providing school benches, books, bags, etc., to schools near NSL’s production areas and processing plants.
  5. Providing kitchen garden kits to woman farmers to develop the concept of nutritional home gardens for improvement of measures against malnutrition in rural India.
  6. Provision of dental kits, first-aid kids, clean nutritious breakfast to under-privileged school children.
  7. NSL has provided sewing machines to women from weaker and marginal sections in rural areas of Haryana for skill development and livelihood enhancement.
  8. NSL engaged in building toilets in rural areas and also actively participated in Swacch Bharat Abhiyan programs initiated by Government of India
  9. NSL has been supporting “Haritahaaram” project of Government of Telangana, in terms of promoting planting saplings for afforestation and social forestry in peri-urban and rural areas. NSL has provided saplings, seeds and tree guards for the program
  10. NSL had made significant donation to the Disaster Relief of State Governments to provide for the needy during the COVDI-19 pandemic in 2020.
  11. NSL has provided Mobile Clinic services as a service to animal husbandry to provide timely health services to Dairy farmers of Andhra Pradesh.
  12. NSL engaged in development of watershed development and irrigation infrastructure in Wanaparthy district of Telangana thereby increasing the access to irrigation and productivity of farmers.
  13. To enhance capacities for Women’s self-help groups and marginal communities, NSL supported in building infrastructure.
  14. NSL provided support to Akshaya Patra foundation for providing nutritious food to school children

In recognition to the CSR activities and services of NSL was recognized for “High – Socio Economic Impact Award” by the Jury Committee of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)”, Hyderabad for its contribution for rural development in 2011.

Further the Global Access to Seeds index has rated NSL among the top-10 companies in South Asia and South-East Asia for delivering social impact in terms of contribution of NSL’s R&D, production and governance systems to smallholder agriculture in 2019. The rankings can be accessed through the following link


‣ Nuziveedu Seeds received “High – Socio Economic Impact Award” by the Jury Committee of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)”, Hyderabad for its contribution for rural development.

‣ Generated employment of 26 million hrs i.e. providing employment to 3.25 million people

‣ Saving of Grain- By adopting the breakthrough Agronomic innovation optimized paddy seed rate cultivation, a farmer can save 50kg seed per hectare. This concept has potential to save nearly 2.2 million tons of grain per year for the country which can be used to feed our burgeoning population and assure food security to the nation