substainble agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Nuziveedu Seeds Limited (NSL), has been in the forefront of developing sustainable agricultural practices with small holder focus. NSL’s R&D in plant breeding, biotechnology, agronomy and other allied agricultural subjects is based both on business and sustainability foundations with a vision to gradually balance the equilibrium between commercial agriculture with minimal effects to environment.

The conceptualization of design of NSL’s R&D and product evaluation programmes and agronomic practices are based on principles of sustainability with a focus on smallholder farmers and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Accordingly NSL’s R&D and agronomic practices aim to align with natural processes and resources to rationalize usage of unnecessary artificial resources. We champion use of age old traditional practices, biological fertilizers, biological seed treatments and use of natural mulching practices. NSL has also been using traditional botanical extracts and bio-composting techniques for enhancing productivity in its seed production plots.

NSL’s initiatives align breeding, agronomy and seed production functions for development for sustainable agriculture initiatives. NSL’s Direct Sown Rice (DSR) cropping system has been well appreciated by farmers and Government. NSL has undertaken large scale trials to showcase the benefits of Direct Sown Rice to farmers in terms of saving of water and time and also efficient utilization of resources. Further NSL’s initiatives such as zero tillage and minimal tillage concepts in Maize and residue free Chilli and vegetable crop cultivation have also enabled farmers appreciate on how sustainable practices can be successfully aligned with modern agriculture. NSL also contributes in supply of non-GM Cotton to suppliers of Better Cotton Initiative.

NSL has also been working regularly with smallholder farmers and especially tribal woman farmers in various States of India to improve their livelihoods in alignment with integrated cropping systems including livestock, fisheries, etc. Our projects in coordination with various NGOs and organic farming agencies are aimed at building sustainable agricultural practices, conservation of energy and resources, building climate resilience and bio-recycling concepts. In the year 2019 NSL has been ranked overall 9th rank among 64 companies in the Global Access to Seeds Index survey for South and South East Asia. NSL was also ranked 3rd in R&D function in the same survey in line with its contribution of R&D focused towards smallholder farmers and SDGs.