Nuziveedu Seeds owes its success to the development of quality germplasm, the core breeding material, coupled with the knowledge and skills to improve and build better quality seed varieties. Nuziveedu Seeds has an extensive germplasm bank for each of its seed product categories. Its technologically advanced breeding has resulted in remarkable improvements in yield and quality of crop.

Nuziveedu Seeds has built a well equipped ultramodern research infrastructure, in its biotechnology wing, enabling research that is comparable with India’s topmost research institutes. A team of dedicated and committed scientists of global caliber and qualified technical personnel are constantly working on genetic transformation of crops like cotton, rice, maize and marker assisted breeding in paddy, maize, cotton and other vegetable Crops. The world class laboratories also possess the sophistication and competency to perform DNA finger printing, marker assisted breeding, molecular diagnostics of transgenic plants and ELISA tests.

Research Areas in Biotechnology

Technologies for breeding support

  • Marker aided selection for accelerated breeding and facilitating selection at very early stage ensuring faster recovery of intended plant type.
  • Transgene tracking.

New trait development

  • Gene discovery and validation – Identification of genes from various sources like microbes, other plant species, etc.
  • Sourcing and evaluating genes of interest.
  • Crop transformation – Inserting a foreign gene into target crop and making it function in the target crop.

Technologies for Quality Control and IP Support

  • DNA finger printing – For unambiguous identity of plant germplasm and hybrids.
Biotech Traits

Resistance to biotic stress

  • Resistance to insects and diseases: Insects and diseases are major limiting factors for crop productivity even in a favorable season.

Tolerance to abiotic stress

  • Tolerance to drought and salinity: Drought is a perennial problem in India and the primary reason for low crop productivity compared to global yields.

Traits for crop management

  • Herbicide tolerance: Helps in better agronomic management by effectively combating the menace of weeds, which is otherwise a labor intensive procedure that needs to be carried out periodically. Failing to do so may result in yield reduction.
  • Enhanced efficiency of nitrogen use

Improved quality of produce

  • Enhanced fibre quality
  • Improved oil content
Future Biotech Traits

Genes for flowering and crop maturity manipulation

  • Tailoring crop maturity, especially shortening the crop duration without compromising on yield.

Genes for plant architecture

  • Tailoring plant type for high density planting and mechanical harvesting.

Genes to facilitate hybridization technology

  • Induction of cytoplasmic male sterility trait in crops where hybrids are not available.

Bar Coding Technology

For better tracking of the large inventory movement, Nuziveedu Seeds is now among one of the early starters to implement the Barcode technology in seed industry. Barcode is an automatic identification technology structured to contain a specific piece of information which allows real-time data to be collected accurately and rapidly.